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zeroption: most hated (2023)

discussion re 1980 - 1984

01. zeroption - zeroption meet the ramones the first clip focuses on the first real local punk show that we went to when we were 15, the 1980 Ramones gig at Burlington Central Arena. while walking home eight miles we came upon Ramones in a variety store

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02. zeroption - radiovision we had a tv show on Oakville and Burlington Cable 10 called radiovision in 1980 on which we played records and took phone calls from annoyed Rush fans. Kealan refers to Mark E. Smith who he worked with in Mark Aerial Waller's 1998 film "The Glow Boys". apparently Mark E. Smith received a royalty from the airplay of the Fall's "How I Wrote 'Lasticman" single on the show; his first royalty from airplay in North America

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03. zeroption - flq discussion regarding very first band flq in 1980. band line up, other names

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04. zeroption - m-16 synopsis of the progression of pre zeroption band m-16 / crisis to March 1981 launch; the problems that became evident with the advent of stage monitors and recording studios

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05. zeroption - oakville first m-16 show. discussion of the general music audience in Oakville

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06. zeroption - stuart and jill meeting Stuart and Jill in grade 11; Jill's evolution

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07. zeroption - early shows early zeroption gigs; parties, general chaos

08. zeroption - eli the firefighter flq lyricist Eli recalling early zeroption gig at the Masonic in Oakville

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09. zeroption - the toronto scene commentary: Toronto hardcore bands and audience

10. zeroption - toronto overview Toronto 1981-1983 hardcore scene overview

11. zeroption - ottawa recollections around first Ottawa gig 1981

12. zeroption - comfort sound recording at Comfort Sound with Blair Packham

13. zeroption - artistic vision group dynamics

14. zeroption - the end of an era the end of hardcore

15. zeroption - post hc all star super group 1984

16. zeroption - revisionism discussion of American Hardcore film

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17. zeroption - the broken leg Chris and Kealan explain the circumstances surrounding a leg broken in the summer of 1984

Recorded September 6 2006 and September 7 2007. Released January 24 2023. Featuring Kealan Gord Chris Eli Jamie and Scotty